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Hunting Season. Empty Hunting Season.

Post  Simmy on Fri Jan 28, 2011 9:06 am

This post is just a little reminder that TSB Couldnt be kept alive without new recruits Razz So please, The clan is just reaching its maturity,So please ask around your steam list, and if you see someone on tsb/ any ttt server, And they seem okay, Just Add them too freinds Smile What the server dosnt know cant hurt them?

How about, Too make it a little more fun, The person who can recruit the most amount of new guys gets a special mentioning On the website and maybe on the server.. After the guy signs up on the site just post on this that you recruited him, And il add a point too the tally..

This Comment Was posted by Simmy, Leader of TSB. It probly contained one of these:
A Lol or XD, A rant, or it just Said Fail.

If not, Simmy is Ambitious Today!

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