Project NightHawk- Revealed

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Project NightHawk- Revealed Empty Project NightHawk- Revealed

Post  Simmy on Sun Mar 13, 2011 4:00 am

I know you have all been annoyed at us for keeping these a secret, But we hope its worth it!

Firstly: You see the Forum Texture and Feel atm? Yeaaa it wasnt a mistake Smile Maybe you should check out this Link for more info Wink
(Soz for the Banner- I thought Cuckoo was making one, But im gunna have to ask if someone can Draw one for the new Webby)
I know its going too be some hassle going from this one to that, But im pretty sure it will be worth it. Its a proper website so no adverts. That was all thanks to In return every 7.5 minutes on the server we will have a small advert for them. Absolutehosting is a great Hosting Company, And i have made freinds with the owner. So i hope you find it a good and fair trade.

Secondly: New admins on TTT Server, Woop!
I have individually told them who they are, Which is what was with all the moving around in Teamspeak. Im am Really sorry if you wasnt picked for admin.It was down to a decision of Who was on the Server Most, And the one who we thought could assert authority at the right times.


Thirdly: Cuckoo, (You get a Number all to yourself, Lucky xD ) your Website Admin will start from Today/Tommorow

Fourthly: (God this is Long) We will start Collecting Donations towards our Minecraft Server- Which will now Defo go ahead. So hopefully that will be a good contribution towards the assets of TSB.

Fifthly: Master of Plumbobs and Mcguiganz will be Minecraft Server Admins because of the *Cough* Nerdiness *Cough* I mean .. Expertise on the game.

Wow that was alot of typing..
I appoligise again if you wasnt picked for Admin.


PS.My name is Now AntiClimaxzz, Because when i play Mw2 thats what i am.. Normally.

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Project NightHawk- Revealed Empty Re: Project NightHawk- Revealed

Post  Lorenzo666 on Sun Mar 13, 2011 4:02 am

You forgot me on the admin list.

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Project NightHawk- Revealed Empty Re: Project NightHawk- Revealed

Post  Jaggardz on Sun Mar 13, 2011 8:15 am

It was MadSamzBoiz for the mine craft server not Mcguiganz but then again I wouldn't mind both.

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Project NightHawk- Revealed Empty Re: Project NightHawk- Revealed

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