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The Once Great - Roleplay Empty The Once Great - Roleplay

Post  Lorenzo666 on Sat Mar 12, 2011 10:17 am

Hey, here is the Roleplay-

The Characters have attended the annual Festival week in the Capital City of Marswich. Nearly everyone from the towns and villages have attended and the atmosphere is vibrant. But something goes horribly wrong and it seems the festival has come under attack when a swarm of Gun Wielding men fire at the massing crowds, our heroes and heroines must escape and uncover what has happened and why


Name- Marswich
Description- The Capital City of Pagorsa, it is the largest and most civilized place in the country and its inhabitants are generally friendly.
Language Spoken- English
Population- 2,000
Weariness of Outsiders- Very Low
Prosperity- High
Guns- Common

Name- Portswich
Description- A small fishing town that rarely receives visitors and is generally peaceful.
Language Spoken- English
Population- 400
Weariness of Outsiders- Low
Prosperity- Low
Guns- Rare

Name- Lordon
Description- A small town that has very devout citizens and see most outsiders as heretics and is generally avoided by people.
Language Spoken- German
Population- 400
Weariness of Outsiders- High
Prosperity- Medium
Guns- Uncommon

Name- Pearswood
Description- A small town on the coast that is partly industrial and makes a large revenue from weapons sales.
Language Spoken- English
Population- 750
Weariness of Outsiders- Low
Prosperity- Medium
Guns- Standard

Name- Wickerage
Description- A small settlement inhabited by a few people and is generally avoided by those who know of it.
Language Spoken- Russian
Population- 34
Weariness of Outsiders- Very High
Prosperity- Very Low
Guns- Standard

Name- Nefa
Description- The main Industrial city in Pagorsa which produces cars, guns, armour and anything else mass produced.
Language Spoken- Russian
Population- 680
Weariness of Outsiders- Medium
Prosperity- Medium
Guns- Standard

Name- Poltor
Description- A village famous for its founder, current Mayor and its Library which is the largest in Pagorsa.
Language Spoken- German
Population- 154
Weariness of Outsiders- Low
Prosperity- Medium
Guns- Rare

Name- Krom
Description- A town famous for its gentlemen and their sword prowess. Outsiders are generally not welcome unless they can prove themselves in sword combat.
Language Spoken- English
Population- 240
Weariness of Outsiders- Very High
Prosperity- High
Guns- Very Rare

Name- Hodra
Description- A town famous for its cuisine and chefs.
Language Spoken- German
Population- 490
Weariness of Outsiders- Medium
Prosperity- Medium
Guns- Uncommon

Name- Lejwar
Description- A village nearly wiped out by the plague sweep 100 years ago and still hasn’t recovered and its locals are hateful of anyone from the city.
Language Spoken- German
Population- 173
Weariness of Outsiders- Medium
Prosperity- Very Low
Guns- Common

Character Creation

Character Name:
Spoken Languages:

Birthplace- A town in Pagora. This will influence other’s attitudes towards you and what languages you speak.

Occupation- Police Officer, Police Detective (Say what Department), Private Eye, Cabbie, etc. (ask me about your wage)

Specialities- Explosives, shooting, handguns, flying, driving, etc. Choose 2

Spoken Languages- You are allowed to know one ancient language (Latin, Greek, Old Germanic) and one modern Language (English, German, Russian) as well as your birthplace’s language. Those who know German automatically know Old Germanic.

Inventory- The Items you have on your person

Property- This is affected by your job and is all the things you own, but do not have on your person. Default amount each player has to spend on their Inventory, Property and Clothing is $500 plus half their annual salary. The Character will then have however many years of salary from the age of 18 or when they started working stored in the Bank minus 12% and 20% of the money remaining will be tied up in something of the player’s choice eg, a book collection. The Money doesn’t have to be in the bank and can either be on your person or stored at your home.

Background- Sum-up of character and their background.


Character Name: Johan Bizjiden
Height: 5’ 8”
Birthplace: Krom
Age: 25
Occupation: Doctor of Medicine (Ann. S. $34,560)
Specialities: Medicine, Concentration
Spoken Languages: English, Russian, Latin
Inventory: $32.50, Jeans, Trainers, T-Shirt, Trenchcoat, Underwear.
Property: Apartment, Motor Cycle, 3 Full Fuel Cans, Makarov PM, Box of 100 9mm rounds, 3 Makarov PM Magazines (Loaded), Switchblade, Rest of Money (In Bank), 3 Pairs of Jeans, 2 Pairs of Trainers, 20 sets of Underwear, Rucksack, 5 T-Shirts.
Background: A Gentleman of birth, doctor by trade. Johan felt it was his destiny to assist those more unfortunate than himself

Tailored Silk Suit- $120
Wool Pinstripe Suit- $37
Rayon-blend 2-piece Suit- $50
Baggy Jogging Suit- $22
Leather Bomber Jacket- $60
Good Trenchoat- $34.50
Oversized Twill Shirt- $6.75
Double-pleated Trousers- $12
Crew Neck Cotton Jumper- $8.50
T-Shirt- $1
Jeans- $3
Leather Docksider Shoes- $25
Trainers- $10
Silk Tie- $1
Underwear- $0.20
Nylon Swimming Trunks- $2
Pocket Vest- $2
Good Hiking Boots- $2
Rucksack- $7

Designer Dress- $120
Fine Silk side-drape Dress- $75
Acrylic 2-piece dress- $29
Woven Rayon Coat Dress- $45
Dacron Pleat-front Trousers- $15
Stonewashed Jeans- $4
Leather Biker Jacket- $60
Wool-blend Swing Coat- $8
Button Polo Jumper- $12
Fashion Print Challis Skirt- $24
Fashion Pumps- $5
Fashion Boots- $9
Good Hiking Boots- $3
Silk Chemise Nightgown- $23
Matte Black Hoop Earrings- $6
Handbag- $45
Spandex Cycling Shorts- $3
Pocket Vest- $2

Colt 1911 - .45 - $34
Luger- 9mm - $50
Webley Revolver- .45 -$12
.41 Revolver- .41 - $12
.303 Enfield- .303 - $80
Pump Action Shotgun- 12 Gauge - $50
Double Barrel Shotgun- 12 Gauge - $35
Makarov PM- 9mm - $12
AK-47 – 7.62mm - $90
M4A1 – 7.62mm - $150
Sword Cane- $25
Wood Axe- $3
Garrote- $1
Truncheon- $5
Switch Blade- $1
Baseball Bat- $5
Baseball- $0.50

Motor Cycle- 3 Litre - $83
Ford Model A- 5 Litre - $450
Ford Model T- 9 Litre - $670
Bicycle- $8
1.5 Litre Fuel Can- Petrol - $2 ($4.50 with fuel)
Petrol- 1 Litre - $0.98

Motel- $2 a night
Hotel- $5 a night
Apartment- $100 a month + tax
House- $340 a month + tax
Mansion- $1,000 a month + tax

Housing Tax- 5% of rent
Income Tax- 3% of Weekly salary
Vehicle Tax- 2% of Vehicle’s original value

Month’s worth of food for 1 person- $75
Withdrawing a book- $0.50
Cab Fare- $2
Train Ticket- $1 ($1.50 for return)

.45 Calibre Rounds- Box of 100 – $6.50
.41 Calibre Rounds- Box of 100 – $6.50
9mm Rounds- Box of 100 – $4.20
7.62mm Rounds- Box of 50 – $20
12 Gauge Shells- Box of 50 – $12
.303 Rifle Rounds- Box of 50 – $12
Colt 1911 Magazine- $0.20
Makarov PM Magazine - $0.20
Luger Magazine - $0.30
AR Magazine- $1

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The Once Great - Roleplay Empty Re: The Once Great - Roleplay

Post  Lorenzo666 on Sat Mar 12, 2011 10:17 am


Also, extra items you want that aren't on the list. Ask me and I'll tell you if you're allowed and what their prices are.

Also, everything like, paying rent and bills, happens every 2 months, so you will only have to do it once or twice in the entire RP

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The Once Great - Roleplay Empty Niklas Fleischer

Post  Cuckoo on Sat Mar 12, 2011 11:15 am

Character Name: Niklas Fleischer
Height: 6"0'
Birthplace: Lejwar
Age: 19
Occupation: Doctor of Medicine
Speciality: Medicine / Charisma
Spoken Languages: German (+ Ancient Germanic), Latin, fractured English
Inventory: First Aid Case, Medical Supplies Crate, Sword-cane, Medicine Case, Illegal Poisons, Tailored Silk Suit, Leather Docksider Shoes, Underwear, Rucksack.
Bank: $24330.24, $6082.56 tied up in a newly-established medical clinic in Lejwar.
Background: Surrounded by those afflicted with the plague, Niklas naturally grew up to be curious about the mechanics of death. Some people say that when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. In Niklas's case, life gave him bodies. So he opened them up, and took a look inside.

Nineteen years of wondering the streets cracking open bodies - living and dead- taught him everything he needed to know about what made people tick, and before he quite realised it, the Pagorsa medicinal board had sent him a doctor's license. Little changed, except now he was being payed to cut people open and remove the bad bits.

Unsatisfied with being tied down in one place, Fleicher spends his time travelling Pagorsa and practising medicine whenever his wallet noticably thins. His other source of income is a clinic he maintains in Lejwar, which is staffed almost exclusively by volunteer medical students. The constant supply of plague-ridden patients means that he is never without sufficient funds, and he still returns every few weeks to check the establishment is running smoothly.

Although he strives to do the good thing and help most he meets, he is not above harming those who venture insult. More than a few drunken thugs have tried to have a go, and found themselves buried beneath the mass plague-graves of Lejwar with their arms rigid and their throats swollen from an overdose of chemicals medicinal or illegal.

yet-to-be-allocated inventory budget $17,600.80
Will finish later.

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The Once Great - Roleplay Empty Re: The Once Great - Roleplay

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