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Post  []$Alex$ on Tue Jan 25, 2011 11:03 am


Steam username:Alex912837465
Reason for joining:I love the server ever since the moment i started playing on it !
What would you bring to TSB:Me and my manners and respect
How did you find out about TSB? My friend Dynamix told me it was awesome! (And it is ! )
Do you know any Members?Dynamix, Mahoney

Have you had much experience in TTT:Yes i used to play it all the time and i still do !
Have you had much experience in clans:Yes i was a super admin for a clan
Would you be a frequent visitor to the forums and the server?:Server all the time ! Forums if i want to check for updates.
Do you have a Microphone?:Yes, but it broke! Sad

ps. I did this because my last one was not a poll.


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