Admiral Awesome Wants To <3 U

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Admiral Awesome Wants To <3 U

Post  Awesome on Thu Jul 21, 2011 2:03 pm

Name: Johann
Age: 19
Country: Germany

Steam username: Admiral Awesome (or Rapes Little Girls When Zylone Watches Him)
Reason for joining: I love your clan. You Guys got a great community <3 (but the forum is meh :/ --> Looks like 5 mins work only)
What would you bring to TSB: My Godlike Skills? My Humor? Beer and Cake? And maybe something even better Razz
How did you find out about TSB? Zylone <3
Do you know any Members? Yeah....I hope so. (All the guys i played TTT with)

Have you had much experience in TTT: Yeah like 2 Years maybe?
Have you had much experience in clans: Was in a Css(GTA SA) Clan for some time
Would you be a frequent visitor to the forums and the server?: Server: Fuck Yeah Forum: Sure as often as I can
Do you have a Microphone?: No

Have you got any Special Skills (Art, Coding, Ect.)?: I will learn some Special Secret Skills (but dont tell anyone about it!)


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